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From Fat to Fit to Fab!!

Whole30 Day 9

I’m on Day 9 of the Whole30 and right now I’d give my left arm for a piece of chocolate. I’m a righty so I think I can get through the temptation but I want some chocolate something fierce. I’m pretty sure this hormonal. I don’t want just any chocolate but I want, no, I need chocolate covered pretzels or peanut M&Ms. Washing it down with a glass of two of red wine would be nice too.

I don’t just want something sweet, I want chocolate. I want the creamy smooth texture of a dark chocolate melting in my mouth. I want to smell the bitterness of the chocolate before I put it in my mouth. OMG chocolate is becoming a sexual fantasy for me!!!

Must go outside and take a walk to try to forget about chocolate.