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From Fat to Fit to Fab!!

Whole30 Day 8

I’m on Day 8 of my Whole30 journey and I feel about the same as I did yesterday. I’m still thrilled I made it through the week and I believe I can go the whole month. I’m getting a little sick of hard boiled eggs, however.

I’ve found I’m eating the same foods each day. Not so much because I like them but because they are easy to prepare and don’t spoil. I’ve been eating a lot of grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs and tons of green beans and sweet potatoes. I’m eating an apple when I want something sweet.

I can’t believe I’ve gone a whole 8 days without chocolate.

I miss foods like nuts, peanut butter and cheese more than I care to admit and based on my old diet of a handful of nuts here and there I have to think I’m taking in a lot fewer calories.

I’m mindful of what I put in my mouth. I don’t count calories but I know I am eating less. I am also feeling satiated for much longer. Before the Whole30 I was always hungry. I had to pack a small snack if I was going to go out for any amount of time because I didn’t want to experience the shakes that come from a blood sugar drop. I haven’t experienced that shaky feeling since starting the Whole30 and have been surprised several times that I have gone 4 or 5 hours without eating and without feeling hungry. For someone whose life has revolved around food for so long it’s strange to forget to eat.