Finding the Fit

From Fat to Fit to Fab!!

Whole30 Day 7

I’ve made it a whole week on the Whole30. Seven days is not to shabby considering I didn’t think I could even start this journey. Last time I checked the scale I was down 7 pounds but haven’t gotten back on it. That was two days ago.

I got over my cookie craving without giving in and I’m pretty proud of myself for that. Stress sets off the cravings, pretty intensely, I’m learning. I used to smoke and whenever stressed it was easy to just light up instead of eat. Since quitting smoking I’ve handled stress by eating instead of lighting up. I’m healthier for it but I gained about 40lbs from quitting smoking.

Sitting on my ass all day while I work doesn’t help either.

Getting the Fitbit is a good way to get up and move and there have been plenty of nights where I’ve been a few hundred steps away from my goal and have done laps around my dining room table. The dogs give me funny looks but I know they love so I don’t stress too much about it.

It’s warmer out now so I can get out and walk, in fact I’m about to head to the river and walk right now.