Finding the Fit

From Fat to Fit to Fab!!

Whole30 Day 1

Today is day 1 of my Whole30. I’m chronicling my experience on the Whole30 program from start to finish. Each day I’ll be making an update about how I’m feeling, the difficulties I’m having (if any) while on the very restrictive program as well as my successes or failures.

The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom

So far I’m feeling ok. I’m excited to be on the Whole30 program and yet at the same time I’m already facing triggers that would make me want to eat. Today my daughter was home sick so she was underfoot while I worked and was in need of some mothering as well. About midday I realized she probably wasn’t sick enough to be home at which point I became a bit irritated that she was so needy and yet wanted to do things like play the Wii or check out Tumblr on her computer. I explained to her that I am already a bit crabby because of the lack of caffeine I’m ingesting but it didn’t seem to phase her much. I work from home so when she is home and underfoot I can get a little testy. Which is what happened today.

Diet Stress

My daughter and I talked about doing the Whole30 as a family. The trouble with that is her lunches at school are all carbs. I can send her with a lunch but I suspect she will tire of hard boiled eggs very quickly. There is no microwave to warm things up at her school, everything must be eaten cold. It’s difficult enough figuring out breakfast and dinner without the added stress of her cold lunch. My daughter doesn’t need to lose any weight but I would like her to eat less processed foods. She’s not so sure once she found out that processed foods are her main food group.

I think for now, until school is out in a few weeks, she will do the Whole30 with me for breakfast and dinner and she can have a regular lunch at school. That’s better than nothing.

Tonight I made Chicken Italiano which is chicken breasts bake with eggplant, onion, garlic, mushrooms, black olives and diced tomatoes on top. It used to have cheese on top of the sauce but that’s out for the next 30 days. Still, it’s baking right now and smells wonderful.


Psychologically I am feeling stressed like I do every day. Nothing has changed much there and I wouldn’t expect it to just yet. I’m mildly anxious about several things going on, daily life stuff, and normally I would comfort myself with a glass of wine and some chocolate. Knowing I can’t do that is also making me a bit anxious. I realize I’m just going to have to deal with it. That is a bit scary and also a bit exciting. Part of me wants to just go to bed but I’m pretty sure 6pm is just way too early for anyone under the age of 75 to go to bed.

I woke up this morning feeling like I always do. My joints hurt and my feet ached. Everything was stiff and sore. I’m hoping by eliminating these non complaint foods that I can get the inflammation under control and will feel well again. I can’t even imagine what it will feel like to feel well. Since my children were born I’ve pretty much felt like crap so this is something I am really excited about and what is probably motivating me even more than weight loss.

Scale Anxiety

Speaking of weight loss, I weighed myself this morning, for the last for 30 days, and was really unhappy with the number. I clocked in at 230lbs! I haven’t weighed that much since I was near the height of my pregnancy. And this time I don’t have a baby to nurse and keep me moving all day to work it off. I’m really looking forward to not weighing myself for a whole month. I’m also afraid when I finally step on it there won’t be any change.

Daily Recap

To recap my first day on Whole30 has not been that bad. I feel about the same as before with a little anxiety due to no caffeine and changes I have to make to make this program work for the next 30 days. So much more is going to change because my eating habits are changing. I’m excited, convinced I will be successful in staying on the Whole30 for the whole 30 days but still know how difficult something like this can be.