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When You Gain the Weight Back

What do you do when you gain the weight back? I haven’t gained any weight back this time, but every time I have lost weight, I have gained it back. Gaining weight back after successfully losing weight is inevitable unless you remain vigilant.

Our bodies fight us to recoup the fat that was lost through dieting.

If you’ve never needed to lose weight, you can’t imagine this to be true. Most people assume fat people are fat because they lack willpower and discipline. That’s so far from the truth it’s funny and yet it is a widespread belief.

I started dieting when I was 13. I lost 35 pounds by eating mostly protein. I cut out bread, cereal, pasta and all sweets. I was able to lose the 35 pounds in about 5 weeks. Of course I was much younger and it was easier to lose weight back then. Prior to that my diet had consisted of Poptarts, Tang, Kraft mac and cheese, and anything else that was heavily processed – what can I say, it was the 70s.

I tried to maintain good eating habits, but the call of chocolate cupcakes was too much for me one day. I took a bite of one and was so disgusted with myself I spit it out in the sink. I’d go on to become full blown bulimic within another month or so.

Knowing what we know now, it’s really no surprise. My body was doing everything in its power to get me to gain the weight back. I tried my damndest, but failed. I eventually gained all the weight back plus another ten pounds. I’d go on another crash died and lose the weight when the right motivation was present – a dance, interested in a guy, a wedding, etc.

Now, researchers think they might have developed a pill that shrinks fat cells thereby allowing you to lose weight. They discovered a molecule that blocks the metabolic brake from operating in white fat cells. Blocking the metabolic brake allowed them to increase the metabolism in the white fat cells.

So far it’s only been tested on mice, but the results are encouraging and they are hoping to start testing on humans in two years. You can read more about it here.

So what do you do when you gain the weight back? Until this pill is available, you get back on the diet and exercise wheel.

I really hope this pill comes to market (provided it’s safe), I would imagine it would be a medication you’d have to take forever to maintain the weight loss. Would you take this pill?

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