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Bariatric Surgery Journey Continues

I just finished my ultra sound appointment down at the hospital. It was pretty uneventful. There are signs all over the room saying the technician is unable to give results and yet I still asked. She didn’t answer. I also had my initial sleep study appointment to find out if I need a sleep study. Apparently they give one to everyone considering bariatric surgery so I get one. I was

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Bariatric Surgery Personal Story: Second Appointment with my Nutritionist

I had my second appointment with my nutritionist today. I am proud to announce that I am exactly the same weight I was last month. And that took some work. I got on the scale about a week before my appointment and realized I’d gained two pounds. I didn’t have to lose weight for approval for surgery, but I am not allowed to gain any weight. I had a week

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Bariatric Surgery Personal Story: First Appointment with my Nutritionist

The is part of my bariatric surgery personal story, the first appointment with my nutritionist. The appointment went great, I really like her, which is extremely important. My insurance requires 6 appointments with a dietician or nutritionist. They have given me credit for one appointment I had with my endocrinologist last year, so I only have to meet with her 5 times. I also have to meet with a psychologist and

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