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Bariatric Surgery Post-Op: Day 1

Today is Bariatric Surgery Post-Op Day 1. The first day with my new, smaller stomach. I had the gastric sleeve yesterday and so far I can drink about an ounce of water in 15 minutes. Yesterday it was worse. Drinking caused the gag reflex pretty severely. My abdomen is pretty sore and getting up yesterday was difficult. In fact I needed to have someone help me up each time I

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Surgery Day!

Today is the day! It’s surgery day! The day I cut out 2/3rds of my stomach and start a new life. I’m excited for my new life to begin and also a tiny bit nervous about cutting out a good chunk of one of my organs just so I can lose weight. I’ve lost 12 pounds on the bariatric surgery liquid pre op diet and of course that gets me

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I Want Bariatric Surgery

I want bariatric surgery, I think. I’ve just about given up trying to lose weight on my own. My BMI is not high enough to qualify for bariatric surgery but because I have high cholesterol I still qualify for the procedure. I met with my doctor last week and he’s not completely against it.   I know a few people who have had bariatric surgery, the┬áRoux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure which

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