Finding the Fit

From Fat to Fit to Fab!!

Small Weight Loss Successes

Small weight loss successes can lead to hitting your long term weight loss goal. I know this. I know it’s better to lose weight slowly than to go on a crash diet and lost it quickly only to gain it back when I can’t maintain the crash diet any longer.

I know this.

And yet I want to see fast weight loss results when I lose weight. The more I have to lose the more I want to see at least a good chunk of it fall off fast.

I’ve tried them all — Nutrisystem, Atkins, Scarsdale, The Zone, Belly Busters, Weight Watchers…. you name a diet and I’ve tried a variation of it.

Of course they are all the same. Eliminate carbs from your diet and you’ll shed the fat. Eliminate fats from your diet and you’ll drop a couple of dress sizes. Eliminate food that tastes good and you’ll lose weight from ripping out your hair because all you want is something with some flavor that doesn’t include a grapefruit or cottage cheese.

I know the dieting answer. Don’t eat crap, eat in moderation, get some exercise, don’t obsess about food. I know if I followed those rules 100% of the time I’d lose the weight that I need to. The problem is it would take years to lose all the weight I want to lose. I need a quick start to stay on track because otherwise I can justify why the Ding Dong or sleeve of Oreos is a healthy choice for dinner.

Giving up food that I like (that is also very bad for me) is difficult because it is the food, the bad food, that kicks off those feel good synapses in my brain. Better than sex, better than drugs, almost better than Diet Coke, food makes me happy and it always has.

So kicking it to the curb is even more difficult for someone who is and has been fat for a long period of time.

Katie Hopkins recently made news when she gained 42 lbs in three months and then attempted to lose the same amount in the same amount of time (she came close but didn’t lose all of it in three months). She said she did this to prove that fat people can lose weight but are so busy creating excuses they never reach their goal.

She may be on to something, I make excuses all the time. The biggest excuse I make is that I get hungry. When I get hungry, if I don’t eat, I get shaky, weak and feel like I’m going to have a panic attack (because that’s what will happen if I don’t eat something when my blood sugar drops). I don’t know why this is. I used to be able to skip breakfast and lunch and eat only one meal around 3pm. Of course I weighed about 125 lbs then, didn’t have kids and was 30 years younger.

I’m pretty sure my metabolism has changed. That part isn’t an excuse, it’s my attempt at an explanation for why a certain behavior produces unwanted effects when it didn’t in the past.

I know that to achieve small successes I need to stay focused on the goal. The problem with that is that while I have a number in mind, I’m not really motivated.

When I’ve lost weight before I’ve had a reason to lose it; a wedding, an ex, a soon to be ex… I’ve lost weight many times but always for someone else. I sometimes wonder if I don’t want to really lose weight.

Then I laugh and look at my closet full of moo moos and want to cry or eat some Ding Dongs.