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Random Thoughts While Walking the Mall of America

I am a mall walker. I used to be sort of ashamed to admit that because only old people walked the mall, but I’ve been doing it since my son was born – which happened to be the same year the Mall of America was built.

I usually walk at least 20k steps a day. In the summer it’s easy to do, in the winter not so much. Living in Minnesota, it’s just too cold, snowy and icy to walk the neighborhood like I do in the summer so I go indoors to the mall to walk. Thankfully, I live in Minnesota and have access to the Mall of America.

Every day after dropping my daughter off at school I head to the mall to get in 10k steps. The rest I’ll do by walking throughout the day. If I can get my 10k steps in before work I’ve achieved a major accomplishment and that sets me up for reaching more goals throughout the day. Plus, if I do sit on my ass for the rest of the day, I’ve already met my fitness goal.

My fitness goal is set at 10k steps and closing all three rings on my Apple Watch. If I do the 10k steps I close the exercise ring and the calorie burn ring. The stand ring will take care of itself, it’s just a matter of time. The stand ring means I have to get up every hour for 12 hours. I go to the bathroom at least twice an hour it seems so the blue ring is easy.

I don’t usually wear headphones because I use my walking time to clear my head and organize my thoughts. If I have a problem to work out I usually have it figured out by the time I’m finished walking. Some days, I don’t have anything to think about and just let my mind go and explore different ideas and thoughts.

I try to get to the mall early enough to avoid the crowds and I really try to avoid it on the weekends when it’s crowded early. They’ve been getting ready for the Super Bowl so the MOA has been crazier than normal as you will notice in some of my random thoughts. As you can see, I’m not alwasy as zen as I would like to be while walking. Sometimes I get a little road ragey. These are my random thoughts while Walking the Mall of America.

Random Thoughts While Walking the Mall of America

This bathroom stall is bigger than my bathroom

Ooh, hotdogs!

Why is there so much hair on the floor?

Oh look a redhead! MY PEOPLE!!!

Dude, take a bath.

What the fuck does skol even mean?

There’s that kid with the purple balloon again. If this was a movie that would be foreshadowing. I wonder if something bad is gonna happen.

Man, kids have it good. They get to wear awesome clothes.

Her hips are bigger than mine and she looks awesome.

Is it day drinking if it’s Saturday?

Omg that little girl has tap shoes on.  Her poor mother.

Who makes mall music? I’ve never heard any of these songs before but they’re kinda catchy. Why aren’t they on the radio? Mall radio?

I have to pee, again.

Bitch don’t take my bathroom stall.

There are way too many fucking kids here.

I wonder what a grilled yogurt sandwich is like?

More purple balloons!!

I wish more people understood the rules of the road at the mall. Stay to the fucking right you slowpokes!

Do we really need to be aerodynamic while walking the mall? Is it really necessary to dress in workout clothes. A good, solid pair of running shoes is good, but spandex workout gear seems silly.

Chapstick bowls – This was a brilliant idea I had and something I would love to see at the MOA –  Bowls filled with chapstick that anyone can grab. They can be branded with MOA. It’s dry in there and my lips get really chapped but I always leave my Chapstick in the car. Bowls of Chapstick conveniently placed around the mall would be a wonderful thing.

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