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PIYO Day 1

Here I go, counting again! We’ll see how long that lasts, eh?

I did my first PiYo workout today. The program is for 30 days and starts on Monday, even though I got my DVDs a few days ago, I figured may as well start on a Monday.

The first PiYo workout
is called Align: The Fundamentals. It’s a 40 minute workout where Chalene takes you through each pose and includes modifiers for each one. We learn downward dog, the warrior poses and a whole bunch of other movements that were both difficult and rewarding at the same time. She taught us the Child’s Pose which is sitting on your knees, bending forward and extending your arms until you are as one with the ground as possible. It’s a pose that stretches out your spine and feels really good.

Chalene is an encouraging powerhouse. At first I thought her perky demeanor would annoy me but I found it to be reassuring and gentle.

Many times she will say she wants us to push ourselves a little hard – “If you aren’t shaking, you’re not doing it right”, and at the same time she’s understanding that most viewers are new and probably don’t have any experience with yoga or pilates (like me!!). “Todays is the first workout, you’ll get this stuff in no time. The key is to make improvements each day”.

Seeing her workout partners stumble, lose balance and use a chair was helpful.

The forty minutes went by really quickly, which surprised me. There’s a clock on the screen so you can see how long each section lasts and I was sure I was going to be obsessing over that, I didn’t have time to I was too busy trying to do the poses properly while shooing away my big ass dog who thinks that when I am on the floor it’s time to play.

Tomorrow I’m working out in the basement where I can shut the door and keep the dogs out.

We planked a lot in the first workout. When I planked, the dog crawled under me.

It was a great workout, didn’t feel like I was working out, and yet I was covered in sweat. I felt energized and relaxed at the end of the workout. So much that I ended up going for a two mile walk afterward.

So far, I am very happy with PiYo and am looking forward to the next workout.