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My Gazelle Squeaks! How Do I Fix It?

I’ve only had my Gazelle by Tony Little for two days and already it squeaks. Apparently this is not an uncommon problem. I learned this when I googled My Gazelle squeaks, how do I fix it? and was taken to page, post and forum about the problem. The problem was most people didn’t have a solution. I even read where one couple had purchased three Gazelles so far and had given each away when they started squeaking. That seems like a drastic solution, not to mention an expensive one.

From what I can tell the squeaking originates from the right side foot, where the two pieces of metal are joined with a bolt or screw or some kind of fastener. The pieces were joined when I put the Gazelle together so I am not sure how to take them apart to lube them up. I did spray a little WD40 into it as best I could but it only made the squeaking a little less annoying. I have a feeling I’m going to have to take the piece apart and I’m not looking forward to that. I’m also pretty sure it will void any warranty so I am a bit hesitant to take it apart.

I can live with the squeaking but it’s disappointing that it’s an issue. On the video I watched before I purchased the Gazelle there were three of them going for most of the video. Not one was squeaking so I am sure there is a way to fix it.

Of course it might just be that the Gazelle is straining under my considerable girth even though I am about 100lbs under the maximum weight for the machine.

Even though my Gazelle Glider squeaks I still love it. I’m able to use it without any joint pain. It actually helps me stretch my leg muscles which is something I desperately need to do on a daily. I was a little sore this morning, something I am pleased about because that means I’m actually using my muscles, and once I limbered up I noticed an actual spring in my step! And that’s after only two days using the machine.

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“My Gazelle Squeaks! How Do I Fix It?”
  • Hi there, I also just bought a Gazelle and after a few weeks of use the squeaking has become a nuisance! I was wondering if you found a resolution to the squeaking?

    Thank you-

    • Hi Jami,

      I ended up squirting WD 40 into every crevice I could find. The squeaking seemed to have come from the foot area but I could never be sure. After spraying it it took about a day or two of use to distribute the lube and it’s been squeak free ever since.

  • It took quite awhile before a squeak started with my Gazelle Supreme, about four months of intense daily use. The squeak actually added a lot of resistance. It turned out that I needed to spray the bolt that attaches the cable to the left side of the frame. I sprayed where the plastic meets the frame, and this was remarkably effective. It is like new, and now it takes me 96 minutes to do 600 calories instead of 120 minutes!
    I would suggest standing next to the machine and moving each bar through the full range of motion, being careful to not tangle the cables or let the foot pads flip. When I did this, it became clear that the left side had a limited range compared to the right. This is a great machine. You should be able to lubricate it effectively. Just takes some focus and patience. Do it when you are not tired.