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From Fat to Fit to Fab!!

Marie Osmond Doesn’t Motivate Me

Day 4

Weight 226

I grew up watching The Donny and Marie Show. I admire Marie Osmond for being a talented artist, smart businesswoman and especially as a dedicated mother and wife. I have no ill will towards her at all but her weight loss (while impressive) is not motivating to me.

I’ve been watching for years as she’s waltzed across a sound stage telling me how she became 50 pounds overweight and how Nutrisystem was the only logical choice for her because it was easy and delicious.

I disagree about delicious because I bought one of those Nutrisystem jumpstart boxes at Walmart (for about $45!) and the food was horrible. I couldn’t even finish it. Not because I was hungry but because it was so bad. And, I’m not a very picky eater.