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Going for the Whole30 Weight Loss

I’m late to the party but I finally heard about the Whole30. There was a segment on the Today show about it and it sounded pretty interesting, at least from the success stories. One woman not only lost a lot of weight but she also got off all kinds of medications and said she felt better. Her before and after pictures looked like she’d lost a good ten years. I want to lose weight but I also want to sleep through the night, have restful sleep and I want my joints to stop hurting. I’ve done low card diets before but always ended up cheating in the evening while watching TV (because a glass of wine IS cheating) and when stress happened I’d go for the comfort food even though I know it will make me feel bad.

Don’t even get me started on my horrible Diet Coke addiction.

I’m going to start the Whole30 tomorrow and I’m going to chronicle it here. I purchased the book The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom and have gotten about halfway through it. It’s an easy read with most of the more technical information broken down so anyone can understand it. It’s written in a light hearted, sassy, yet strict tone. There is some tough love coming from Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. I don’t know if they have ever struggled with food, and that seems important for one reason or another, but so far I like what they are selling.

And really what they are selling is another paleo/Atkins/low carb diet that now we know works but still most of us don’t want to do for life.

The only time I have ever lost weight has been by severely reducing carbs. And, inevitably when I think I can eat them I do and I gain back all of the weight plus some extra for thinking I’m different.

The Whole30 is billed as being easier than cancer and losing a loved one. And I suspect it is except it isn’t (and the book acknowledges that). Dieting is hard. Counting calories, restricting what you want, being hungry all the time, feeling deprived, feeling sluggish, feeling sad because you can’t eat like everyone else — sucks. With Whole30 you don’t have to count anything, not even carbs like you do on Atkins. All you have to do is stop eating anything that isn’t meat, fruits or vegetables. Easy enough until you realize that wine isn’t really a fruit and nuts and beans aren’t considered meat.

And there is no Diet Coke in the whole diet. It’s not on it, I checked. I even asked Google.

One thing about the Whole30 that I am looking forward to is not weighing or measuring myself. It’s not allowed. What a treat that will be. I haven’t not weighed myself each day since I was pregnant and then I only stopped because it was so depressing. Sadly, I’m back up in that territory.

Tomorrow is Day 1 of Whole30, wish me luck.