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Getting In Shape with Tony Little’s Gazelle: Day 1

Last week I decided to kick up my exercise routine and purchased a Gazelle by Tony Little. I purchased it off of HSN which was great because there is an hour long video about the product (with plenty of great reviews) and I was able to purchase it using their flex pay option. So, there were no excuses.

Gazellebefore600I have an old Nordic Track, which I purchased back in the mid 90s. It’s still in pretty good shape but is missing the little computer that tracks my time, duration, speed and calories burned. It’s also been in the basement for several years and thus been through a few floods. It isn’t quite the smooth and quiet workout that it used to be. In fact it makes a ton of noise. The workout itself is pretty intense and I just don’t feel like I am in good enough shape to use it.

My knees aren’t what they used to be either so I wanted something that really, really low impact and the Gazelle by Tony Little is.


I ordered it last week and it arrived today. I’d read on one of the reviews that it was pretty easy to set up. It was but it still took me over an hour to get it ready to use. Once I got the cat out of the box it was fairly easy to put together. Because my living room is small it was a bit of a workout just climbing over it back and forth to get it all put together.

putting together a Gazelle Glider by Tony LittleThe Gazelle doesn’t take up too much room and because it is in my living room I can watch TV while getting a surprisingly good workout.

I was doubly pleased to learn that my Fitbit tracked my steps while using the Gazelle. I want credit for work I do and my Nordic Track doesn’t register at all on the Fitbit for some reason so this is really exciting for me.

Once set up I gave the Gazelle a whirl. I was pleased that it was indeed a very low impact workout that raised my heart rate pretty quickly based on the intensity of movements I was making. For my first use I did not use any of the five DVDs that came with the Gazelle, I just got on and started moving.

In addition to being very low impact and easy to use the Gazelle is a whole lot of fun. And even better it provided my leg muscles with a fantastic stretch. I haven’t felt this limber in years and that was only after about 5 minutes on the Gazelle.

So far, after only one day, I am loving the Gazelle by Tony Little. I’m sure it will be easy to incorporate into my day because it is low impact and super fun. Stay tuned for updates on how this piece of equipment works.