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Fitbit vs Apple Watch

Fitbit vs Apple Watch – Which is better? If you’re thinking about getting a fitness tracker you’ve probably wondering which is better. I’ve been using a Fitbit for about two years now, sadly I’ve been through four of them. I’ve also been using an Apple Watch for about 6 months or so. There are pros and cons to both of them so it really matters what it is you want to use your smart watch or tracker for. Are you only interested in keeping track of your daily steps, or are you more interested in keeping track of overall health? Are you an Apple user? How tech savvy are you?

Those are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before buying one of these very popular fitness trackers. Here are some other comparisons between the two trackers:

Apple Watch Pros

  • Beautifully design
  • Easy to set up
  • Customizable
  • Easy to read
  • Accurate*
  • Hundreds of apps
  • Durable

Fitbit Pros

  • Pairs nicely with other apps
  • Challenges
  • Sort of water resistant
  • Easy to set up
  • Accurate

Both fitness trackers (because Fitbit is not a smartwatch but the Apple Watch is a tracker) do the job of tracking your steps fairly well, though there is a discrepancy between the two products. I log more steps with Fitbit and I believe many of them are cheater steps. I tend to talk with my hands and can easily reach 10k steps on my Fitbit by mid afternoon. On my Apple Watch I find it challenging to hit 10k steps each day. I don’t know which one is correct and I am interested in getting as many steps as possible so I presume Apple Watch is more accurate even if I believe the accurate number is between the two.

The thing is, I don’t care if the steps are off for Apple Watch because I don’t really use the step counter on the device. I pay attention to closing my circles each day. There are three circles – Red for calories burned, Green for active minutes, and Blue for standing. I easily get the standing circle closed if I stay up long enough, but it is nice to be reminded to stand every hour. I work at a desk all day and it’s nice to get a little tap on my wrist reminding me to get out of my chair and stretch or walk around for few minutes. I just have to remind myself that the alert isn’t a reminder for me to get a snack which has happened more times than I care to admit. Closing the other two circles can be more of a challenge.

I walk the Mall of America each day in the winter because it’s too damn cold out here and most people don’t shovel their walks properly. If I walk around three levels of the mall I will close my green circle with extra. Closing the red circle is usually the most challenging. I usually hit it right as I’m going to sleep. Again, I don’t really worry about it because the calorie is a pretty arbitrary measurement to try to hit. It doesn’t take into account how many calories I have consumed (with or without the reminder to stand). Truth be told, there are some days the whole thing just seems to be off. I will do my walk and not register more than ten minutes of activity. I don’t know why this happens except that maybe the software needs upgrading.

The Apple Watch is also beautiful. I like wearing it. It’s very comfortable and I can swap out bands depending on what I am doing.

The Fitbit, on the other hand, allows me to participate in challenges with my friends. Apple doesn’t do this for whatever reason (even though they have they have the game center which could be modded to accommodate challenges with other smart watch users) and probably won’t allow other device users to participate in challenges when they finally get around to adding it to their apps. I’m hugely disappointed by this, and I know of many people who contemplated both devices but went with Fitbit because of the challenges. Hopefully they will get with the program.

The Fitbit isn’t as attractive or comfortable. I wear the Fitbit Charge HR. It has a wider band than the standard Fitbit but it does display the time when I turn my wrist. I can also pair it with my phone so that I can see the number of who is calling when my phone rings. On Apple Watch I can see the name of the person calling or an image if I have them in my contacts. Fitbit I have to wait while the number scrolls through the display to know who is calling. For the most part, it’s not a big deal since I usually have my phone where I can see it. When I am driving it is a handy feature.

Apple Watch Cons

  • Small Display
  • Reliant on iPhone
  • Sometimes too much information
  • Not waterproof

Fitbit Cons

  • Ugly
  • Uncomfortable
  • Small display

Neither the Apple Watch or the Fitbit is waterproof. I have jumped into the pool on several occasions with my Fitbit on and it has performed just fine afterwords. I don’t even bring the Apple Watch to the pool or beach for fear I will forget to remove it or it will get damaged or stolen. This is a big drawback for both of them because when I am in the water swimming I am exercising and would like that activity tracked. I suspect it will happen sooner than later and I would put money down that Apple comes up with the technology before Fitbit.

The Fitbit is an unattractive device no matter if it’s a tracker or a Smartwatch or  a Superwatch as they have coined. I’ve had two of the straps break from normal everyday wear. They aren’t replaceable like they are on the Apple Watch so I just had to send them back each time. Thankfully Fitbit has great customer support and was happy to send a replacement each time.

I find the buckle on the Fitbit to be rather bulky. I have small wrists and it digs into my hand. Wearing it tighter up higher on my arm is uncomfortable which is why it hits my hand while I type. I’m even developing a callous where this happens. I got this Fitbit in the spring so I chose purple. That was great during the spring and summer but by fall it looked worn and silly. I should have stuck with black.

Apparently I throw my arms around and hit things while walking. I know this because the display on my Fitbit it pretty scratched up. It’s already an ugly device so I don’t really care what the display looks like as long as I can read the numbers on the screen. My Apple Watch has no scratches on it at all, and I don’t have a protective cover on it (same goes for my iPhone, I stopped wasting money on screen protectors years ago, and so should you).

I can use my Fitbit without worrying about it being tethered to another device. It works on its own. Not so much the Apple Watch. I hear they are moving away from its dependence on the iPhone but for now if I forget my iPhone my Apple Watch isn’t much more than a fitness tracker. Of course when the two are near each other again (and wifi is enabled) they will sync and everything is good again.

I’m getting older and both displays are too small as far as I am concerned. I can adjust the font size on the Apple Watch but it makes it look like something a child might use with huge letters and numbers. I should just wear my glasses.

Bottom Line

I prefer the Apple Watch. It is superior in all ways except I can’t join challenges with my friends and the challenges are incredibly motivating to me. I hope they change this soon because until that time I am forced to wear both devices which looks pretty silly.