Finding the Fit

From Fat to Fit to Fab!!

Fat and Fed Up – It’s Time to Get Fit

Day 0

Weight 220

Even though that’s my weight at 8:56pm it’s way too much. I’m so tired of being fat and uncomfortable. None of my clothes fit and in fact I just had to buy larger sized shorts for the summer. Size 16. I’m really probably an 18 but I’m pretty sure I’d start crying if I purchased a size 18.

I’ve never been this big when I wasn’t pregnant. Never. Not even close.

I keep trying to pinpoint when it happened and as near as I can tell it was somewhere between writing 10 hours a day for my book and blog,  starting and stopping Zoloft and quitting smoking. I’m pretty sure my poor sleeping habits (damn cat), eating crap and my natural aversion to exercise isn’t helping any.

I’m not doing this anymore. I have to lose weight. It’s June, I was already going to have lost 30lbs by now and even bought a bathing suit that was too small. It hangs on the hook on my closet mocking me.


So today is the beginning of the end of being fat. I’m going to eat more healthy, exercise more and do my best to get more sleep. I’m also going to document this journey. My first goal is to get under 200lbs and to do it before the 4th of July. That’s 22 days to lose 20lbs.

Follow my journey from fat to fab as I find the fit that is inside of me.


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