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Day 1 of Pre – Op Liquid Diet – Kill Me Now

Today is Day 1 of the pre-op liquid diet. I won’t lie, it sucks. It’s actually my 2nd Day 1 because originally my surgery was scheduled for a week sooner but the nurses at the hospital planned to strike during that time so it was pushed back by a week.

Initially, like in the first two hours of my first day 1, I thought to myself, “I got this, this is easy peasy, I’ll just do the liquid diet for an extra week – more weight loss!”


I lasted until about 11:30am.

In the extra week I didn’t eat anything bad, though I felt as though I was not taking advantage of the extra week, I just didn’t want anything that wasn’t allowed.

Day 1 of the pre-op liquid diet isn’t so bad except I continued to do my 10k steps (actually 12852 as of this writing) and that made me pretty tired. It’s summer here and on the humid side, though it was cooler today with a temp around 75°. When I don’t eat I get really cold. Since I hate winter and I don’t have central air I figure that’s one good thing about this severe calorie restriction.

I’ve heard that the first three days are tough, but after than you’re in ketosis and burning fat and you’re no longer hungry. I picked up some ketosis test strips at Walgreens and am looking forward to seeing that I am in ketosis, I suspect it will be very satisfying.

I haven’t been particularly hungry. Having to smell my daughter’s Pizza Rolls was a little frustrating but easy enough to ignore. I’m not sick of protein shakes yet so we’ll see how things are in a few more days.

The downside of the pre-op liquid diet is all the time in the bathroom. I’m going all the time, which isn’t surprising considering how much liquid I’m drinking in addition to all the water I’m already drinking.

I’m slightly tired, but it’s been a long day.

Ooh, one nice thing so far is I cleaned out the fridge. I got rid of all the stuff that will not get eaten in the next month or two and it felt so good.

Tomorrow I might clean out the pantry.