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Heart Healthy and Delicious!

It’s not always easy for me to make heart healthy and delicious meals, especially in the winter when all I want to do is carb load and each chocolate. However, the warmer months are coming and I want to be in better shape than I am now. I still want to lose another 50 pounds. Ideally, I’d like to before summer starts, but unless I do something drastic it’s not

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PIYO Day 1

Here I go, counting again! We’ll see how long that lasts, eh? I did my first PiYo workout today. The program is for 30 days and starts on Monday, even though I got my DVDs a few days ago, I figured may as well start on a Monday. The first PiYo workout is called Align: The Fundamentals. It’s a 40 minute workout where Chalene takes you through each pose and

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Long Time No Blog

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I last blogged. Since then, I’ve sort of let things slide. The holidays came and went and I’ve had a fair amount of personal drama taking place thanks to a difficult ex husband. I’ve continued on my weight loss journey by actually gaining 3 pounds. Not bad considering the holidays and stress eating, but not where I wanted to be at this

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Fitbit vs Apple Watch

Fitbit vs Apple Watch – Which is better? If you’re thinking about getting a fitness tracker you’ve probably wondering which is better. I’ve been using a Fitbit for about two years now, sadly I’ve been through four of them. I’ve also been using an Apple Watch for about 6 months or so. There are pros and cons to both of them so it really matters what it is you want

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Which Fitbit Should You Get?

Are you thinking about getting a Fitbit or some other step tracking piece of equipment like Apple Watch or a Garmin? Do you know which Fitbit you should get? I started using a Fitbit over a year and a half ago. I’d never heard of one until a friend of mine mentioned she got one for Christmas and should have brought it on our trip to Las Vegas to see

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Getting In Shape with Tony Little’s Gazelle: Day 1

Last week I decided to kick up my exercise routine and purchased a Gazelle by Tony Little. I purchased it off of HSN which was great because there is an hour long video about the product (with plenty of great reviews) and I was able to purchase it using their flex pay option. So, there were no excuses. I have an old Nordic Track, which I purchased back in the

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