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When You Gain the Weight Back

What do you do when you gain the weight back? I haven’t gained any weight back this time, but every time I have lost weight, I have gained it back. Gaining weight back after successfully losing weight is inevitable unless you remain vigilant. Our bodies fight us to recoup the fat that was lost through dieting. If you’ve never needed to lose weight, you can’t imagine this to be true.

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Whole30 Day 5

I’ve made it day 5 of the Whole30! I got on the scale today. I know I wasn’t supposed to but I just had to see if I had lost any weight. I’ve lost 7 pounds in five days on the Whole30!! I know it’s water weight and if I were to eat anything with sugar it would come back in spades but I’ll take it. It’s great motivation for

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Whole30 Day 2

Day 2 of Whole30 OMG I can’t believe I made it through the first day of the Whole30 and I have so much energy and I feel like there is nothing I can’t do!!! It’s not that the first day was difficult, it wasn’t, but the thought of it was. I’ve started and stopped diets so many times but this one was different. I have a serious Diet Coke addiction

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Whole30 Day 1

Today is day 1 of my Whole30. I’m chronicling my experience on the Whole30 program from start to finish. Each day I’ll be making an update about how I’m feeling, the difficulties I’m having (if any) while on the very restrictive program as well as my successes or failures. The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom So far I’m feeling ok. I’m excited to be on

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Going for the Whole30 Weight Loss

I’m late to the party but I finally heard about the Whole30. There was a segment on the Today show about it and it sounded pretty interesting, at least from the success stories. One woman not only lost a lot of weight but she also got off all kinds of medications and said she felt better. Her before and after pictures looked like she’d lost a good ten years. I

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Small Weight Loss Successes

Small weight loss successes can lead to hitting your long term weight loss goal. I know this. I know it’s better to lose weight slowly than to go on a crash diet and lost it quickly only to gain it back when I can’t maintain the crash diet any longer. I know this. And yet I want to see fast weight loss results when I lose weight. The more I

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Dieting Makes People Fat

Day 1 Weight 217 I’m down 3 lbs since last night when I had my moment of reckoning. I’m not surprised, I weighed myself at the end of the day and with clothes on (no shoes). This morning I weighed myself naked and on an empty stomach. Being naked is not fun when you are fat. Losing 3 lbs on the first day of a diet is a good way

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