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Bariatric Surgery Pre Op Liquid Diet days 2-14

I could have kept writing the same shit about how much the bariatric surgery pre-op diet sucks, but I was too busy getting all my freelance work done for the month so I would be able to relax after surgery. The bariatric surgery pre op liquid diet days 2-14 are the same as day 1. The only difference is by day 3 the headache has gone away as well as

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Making Small Changes

It’s still January and many of us are still trying to keep to unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. In my now 50 years of life on this planet I have learned that making small changes is the only way to make big changes. That making New Year’s resolutions is more of an exercise in futility than it is an exercise in improving ones life. Don’t get me wrong, I had the

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Top 8 Diet Tips to Get You Back on Track

Have all the eating holidays completely ruined your diet? Are the warmer days causing you panic attacks because you aren’t bathing suit ready and summer is just a few short weeks away? Don’t throw in the towel yet. Follow these top 8 diet tips to get you back on track and ready for the beach. Quit Diet Pop I’m from Minnesota where we say Pop, you might say soda or

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