Finding the Fit

From Fat to Fit to Fab!!

Bariatric Surgery Pre Op Liquid Diet days 2-14

I could have kept writing the same shit about how much the bariatric surgery pre-op diet sucks, but I was too busy getting all my freelance work done for the month so I would be able to relax after surgery. The bariatric surgery pre op liquid diet days 2-14 are the same as day 1. The only difference is by day 3 the headache has gone away as well as the physical hunger. That helps a lot. Still, it’s summer here and many people are grilling every night. That was difficult to deal with.

The smell of fresh ground beef sizzling on the grill became better than sex during those 14 days. God, I’m still looking forward to a burger, it’s just going to be about 8 more weeks.

How Much Can You Expect to Lose?

If you’re looking for ways to prepare yourself for the bariatric surgery pre op liquid diet there isn’t much I can tell you except to do your best to follow the diet your doctor has given to you. Try not to cheat, but you probably will. I did. There were two days where I ate some shrimp and cheese sticks because I was feeling too weak and needed the energy to do a ton of yard work that I had to complete. I still lost 12 pounds on the bariatric surgery pre op liquid diet. By the time it was over I was sure I was going to hate protein shakes, but I’m still okay with them.

Pre Op Liquid Diet Products

I used Premier Protein, premixed shakes for the most part, although I mixed it up with Atkins shakes and Bariatric Advantage meal replacement too. I was allowed to have broth, and I did, a few times. The problem was I retained a fair amount of water because of the salt. I used the low salt version and still my feet looked like hoagie rolls for a couple of days. I also ate a fair amount of Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt. I also ate some cottage cheese because I had some left over and I didn’t want it to go to waste. Cottage cheese was not on the pre op liquid diet, though it is on the pureed diet a few weeks after surgery. I can’t tell you how excited I am for cottage cheese again.

And a burger.

By the end of the pre op diet I’d lost any desire for food, especially liquid food, and had to remind myself to eat. By the time it was time to do the clear liquid diet the day before surgery I had basically given up on food. It didn’t provide pleasure, it was just a chore. I imagine that’s what many skinny people think of food in general.