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Bariatric Surgery Post-Op: Day 1

Today is Bariatric Surgery Post-Op Day 1. The first day with my new, smaller stomach. I had the gastric sleeve yesterday and so far I can drink about an ounce of water in 15 minutes. Yesterday it was worse. Drinking caused the gag reflex pretty severely.

My abdomen is pretty sore and getting up yesterday was difficult. In fact I needed to have someone help me up each time I got up. The hospital had me up and walking the floor right away. I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy the first couple of times but today I am doing much better and no longer need assistance walking the floor of the hospital.

I am spending one more night in the hospital. I wasn’t sure I was going to need it but I think all things considered – I’m still in need of pain meds – it’s best if I get one more night here.

Right now they have me hooked up to an IV for fluids, I’m a little worried about getting in all my liquids when I get home. My doctor did say that I can start protein shakes right away so that’s good. So far I’ve tried water, broth, juice (diluted) and coffee (I know, right?). Ooh, and I also got a popsicle which was wonderful.

My arms are all bruised from the IV. My left arm is worse than the right one, they used an new ultra sound machine (I was the guinea pig) to guide it in and it didn’t work. The bruise is huge. Other than that, I feel ok. I’m tired but finding a comfortable position to sleep is difficult.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.