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Bariatric Surgery Personal Story: First Appointment with my Nutritionist

The is part of my bariatric surgery personal story, the first appointment with my nutritionist. The appointment went great, I really like her, which is extremely important. My insurance requires 6 appointments with a dietician or nutritionist. They have given me credit for one appointment I had with my endocrinologist last year, so I only have to meet with her 5 times. I also have to meet with a psychologist and take the MMPI and the Quality of Life Inventory (QOLI). I have to meet with my nutritionist once a month, while I can do all of my psychologist appointments in the same month. I have not scheduled those yet

At the first appointment, and all remaining appointments, I had to get on the scale and have my weight recorded, 241lbs in case you’re wondering. My height was also measured at 5’4″ so that gives me a BMI of 41.4. Ugh! My nutritionist noticed my – embarrassment, I guess – and followed it up with a quick “you’ll never weigh this much again”.

God, I hope she’s right about that.

She gave me a ton of information to go over when I got home. She explained the procedure to me again after confirming, once again, that I’m having the gastric sleeve.

She then gave me a checklist of things to do before they will even submit to insurance to get approval for the surgery.

These are all the things I need to do before bariatric surgery can be approved (in other words, I might do all of this and still not be approved for it – a very scary thought):

  • Meet with the bariatric surgeon
  • Get labs drawn
  • Meet a total of 6 times with nutritionist/dietician
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Get ultrasound to determine if gall bladder stays
  • Sleep study
  • Get labs redrawn
  • Insurance submitted for approval
  • Schedule surgery
  • 14 day liquid diet prior to surgery
  • Pre op appointment with primary doctor 7 days before surgery

She explains to me that over the next 5 months we’re going to change the way I eat and the way I think about food. I’m also going to have to give up some things like coffee, Diet Coke and wine. Not to mention empty calories found in junk food. Basically I’m only going to be able to fit a small amount of food into my stomach so it better be nutritious.

I also have to start taking vitamins religiously.

Honestly, it’s a lot to take in and a little overwhelming. There is a lot to do and the thought of trying to keep track of everything has me slightly nervous. My nutritionist tells me not to worry, that they will help me with everything.

And that’s the bottom line, they are helping me with everything. It’s an odd feeling having someone, a whole team actually, help me get healthy. There’s been no judgment (except my own and they’re even trying to help with that) just the offer of support and assistance.