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The Best YMCAs in the Twin Cities

I joined the YMCA about a year ago, these are the best YMCAs in the Twin Cities. It took me a good 6 months before I actually started working out with any regularity. I paired up with a workout buddy (probably the best decision I ever made). Since we lived on opposite sides of town we decided to mix things up and visit a different Twin Cities YMCA each day.

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Bariatric Surgery Post-Op: Day 123

Today is Bariatric Surgery Post-Op: Day 123. I know, I know, I missed a few days in between. The reality is, life got back to normal really fast. I spent two days in the hospital, which was definitely warranted, but I was on the mend so fast after that. After three days I could take several gulps of water, or other liquid without any problem. In fact, it was so

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NaBloPoMo 2016

Yep, I’ve signed up for NaBloPoMo 2016. As a fitness blog, this was the kick in the pants I needed. What does NaBloPoMo stand for? National Blog Posting Month, it’s being hosted or put on by Blogher. Basically it means I’ve signed up to write a blog post here every day during November. That includes weekends, holidays and yes, Mondays. As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been very good at keeping

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Bariatric Surgery Post-Op: Day 1

Today is Bariatric Surgery Post-Op Day 1. The first day with my new, smaller stomach. I had the gastric sleeve yesterday and so far I can drink about an ounce of water in 15 minutes. Yesterday it was worse. Drinking caused the gag reflex pretty severely. My abdomen is pretty sore and getting up yesterday was difficult. In fact I needed to have someone help me up each time I

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Surgery Day!

Today is the day! It’s surgery day! The day I cut out 2/3rds of my stomach and start a new life. I’m excited for my new life to begin and also a tiny bit nervous about cutting out a good chunk of one of my organs just so I can lose weight. I’ve lost 12 pounds on the bariatric surgery liquid pre op diet and of course that gets me

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Bariatric Surgery Pre Op Liquid Diet days 2-14

I could have kept writing the same shit about how much the bariatric surgery pre-op diet sucks, but I was too busy getting all my freelance work done for the month so I would be able to relax after surgery. The bariatric surgery pre op liquid diet days 2-14 are the same as day 1. The only difference is by day 3 the headache has gone away as well as

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Day 1 of Pre – Op Liquid Diet – Kill Me Now

Today is Day 1 of the pre-op liquid diet. I won’t lie, it sucks. It’s actually my 2nd Day 1 because originally my surgery was scheduled for a week sooner but the nurses at the hospital planned to strike during that time so it was pushed back by a week. Initially, like in the first two hours of my first day 1, I thought to myself, “I got this, this

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Bariatric Surgery Journey Continues

I just finished my ultra sound appointment down at the hospital. It was pretty uneventful. There are signs all over the room saying the technician is unable to give results and yet I still asked. She didn’t answer. I also had my initial sleep study appointment to find out if I need a sleep study. Apparently they give one to everyone considering bariatric surgery so I get one. I was

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Bariatric Surgery Personal Story: Second Appointment with my Nutritionist

I had my second appointment with my nutritionist today. I am proud to announce that I am exactly the same weight I was last month. And that took some work. I got on the scale about a week before my appointment and realized I’d gained two pounds. I didn’t have to lose weight for approval for surgery, but I am not allowed to gain any weight. I had a week

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Fitbit vs Apple Watch

Fitbit vs Apple Watch – Which is better? If you’re thinking about getting a fitness tracker you’ve probably wondering which is better. I’ve been using a Fitbit for about two years now, sadly I’ve been through four of them. I’ve also been using an Apple Watch for about 6 months or so. There are pros and cons to both of them so it really matters what it is you want

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